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MAGIBX ATM Piggy Bank for Real Money – Best Gifts for Girls/Boys/Kids

Are you still worried about your children missing their money everywhere?

MAGIBX ATM Piggy Bank for Real Money, which is a fun way for your child to learn to save money by playing, and developing good financial management habits.

It is the Perfect Gift for boys/girls/adults' daily / Christmas choices. 
Features :

✅ Two saving ways: coins and paper money, easy to use, which is a fun way for your child to learn to save money.

🎁 The bright color and cute appearance design is both a toy and a real piggy bank, which is a great gift for kids.

🎵 Music player: press the "#" key, there are 10 songs to switch.

How can you change the password:
1 . Input the password (Original: 0000), and open the safe door.

2. Hold down the "*" button, the lights flashing (Don't release your hand).

3. In 15 seconds of the light flashing, enter the new 4 digit password.

4. Press the "#" key to store your new password, and the lights will stop flashing. 

5. Release the "*" button and close the door of the safe.


Size:7.28 * 5.31 * 5.51 inch

Weight: 1.34 pounds

Recommended age: age 5+


🔔 This piggy bank can only work when the battery with powered. Need 3*AA batteries (not included)

🔔 If you forget the password. Remove the battery for more than 10 seconds, then put it back and it will reset to the original password: 0000.